28 May

How Many Hats Must an Ebook Writer Wear? We Counted Them…

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ebook writerSooo . . . You have a book idea, but aren’t sure whether to write it yourself versus hire an ebook writer. Does writing come easy for you? Do you have time to get to The End — and then go back and tighten-up the manuscript?

If you’re too busy to consistently focus on ebook writing, or don’t feel confident about your skills, it’s easy to get help. It’s an option many aspiring authors have chosen . . . Read More

23 May

10 Copywriting Tips to Tune-up Sales Copy

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If you’re thinking of making some improvements to your website’s sales copy, here’s a set of 10 do-it-yourself copywriting tips that may help. Thing is, when doing business online, writing your sales pitch can become a daunting task.

It may initially seem easy to write product descriptions or explain your services, but if your conversions are low, you’re probably wondering how effective what you wrote really is. Here’s some rewrite “tinkering” you can try…

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11 May

Backlink Tips: The 20 Crown Jewels of SEO

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Backlink Tips SEO StrategiesEvery Web marketer knows: Implementing good backlink tips is essential. This helps build a healthy link profile for your website or blog, making it more easily found on Google and other search engines. Here’s an UPDATED list of 20 ways you can search engine-optimize (SEO) your site by implementing a few backlinking strategies… Read More

29 Apr

Copywriting Services: The Sales Conversion Champs

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Copywriting Service

Copywriting Services: The Sales Conversion Champs

Picture this… You’ve worked hard with a Web designer to get a beautiful website. But to your amazement, not much is selling. What many in this frustrating situation discover is this: Not using an independent copywriting service is like boxing your competitors with one arm behind your back. Here’s why… Read More

26 Aug

14 Artful Internet Marketing Tactics [Free Guide]

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Internet Marketing Tactics Techniques - Free Guide to Creative Ways to Promote a Business Online

14 Internet Marketing Tactics and Techniques
A Free Guide for Creative Ways to Promote a Business Online

Has the time come to promote your business more aggressively online? Sometimes you start exploring fresh Internet marketing tactics, but hit a wall. If you’re not sure what all the options are, nor which techniques make the most sense for you, this free marketing guide aims to help… Read More