29 Apr

Copywriting Services: The Sales Conversion Champs

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Copywriting Services: The Sales Conversion Champs

Picture this… You’ve worked hard with a Web designer to get a beautiful website. But to your amazement, not much is selling. What many in this frustrating situation discover is this: Not using an independent copywriting service is like boxing your competitors with one arm behind your back. Here’s why…

A Copywriting Service Can Increase Sales Conversions

Fact is, doing business online requires a Web design pro as well as an experienced copywriter. Sure, some Web designers will write your sales copy as part of a low package price. But in many cases, they aren’t experts at doing so. The resulting low conversion rate isn’t a price you want to pay, nor can you probably afford the time wasted getting too few sales leads.

Copywriter Gives Free Sales Copy AnalysisIf you suspect the sales copy on your website isn’t persuading enough people to act, it’s easy to get help. As a first step, contact a copywriting service that offers a free website copy review.

An objective professional can give you lots of ideas for ways to improve your sales pitch. Whether you implement the changes yourself or hire the copywriter to handle it, it can lead to an increase in sales leads, and ultimately more sales.

SEO Copywriters Deliver a One-Two Punch

Once you have solid opinions on any problem areas, hiring an SEO copywriter usually can make a big difference. It’s the “SEO” part of it – i.e., search engine optimized – that transforms good sales copy into powerful sales copy.

SEO copywriting is crucial for getting your website seen online by more potential customers. This special Web writing style does the most to help website publishers start attracting more visitors from major traffic sources like Google and Bing.

A solid copywriting service brings several strategic skills to the art of writing sales copy. Look for a copywriter who pays close attention to the following, draft after draft:

  • Professional copywriters pull out the stops when it comes to strengthening an emotional connection with readers. It’s about stating the reader’s challenge, problem or unfulfilled desire, and then conveying how your product or service provides the solution.
  • A good SEO copywriter sufficiently repeats your main keyword phrases, but doesn’t stop there. Search engines also pay attention to — and rank your site higher — for related (LSI) keyword phrases written on a Web page.

Give Your Sales Copy a Fighting Chance

If you’ve only had a Web designer writing your sales copy, you’re likely fighting the competition at a disadvantage. Web designers who write sales copy aren’t typically apt to work out your business pitch to the extent the task requires. Doing so is time-consuming. Best practices begin with conducting keyword research, and then meticulously crafting a compelling business pitch. The magic only happens after several drafts.

For a professional copywriting service, the process is a boxing match in itself, one involving lots of pushing, pulling and editing long before you, the client, sees it.

Web designers generally only bring that level of commitment to doing what they love: designing websites. They’re passionate about your layout and graphics. But where might this leave your sales copy? Unloved, modestly attended, and … chasing away your sales leads!

Copywriting Tips for Better Sales Conversions

It’s rarely effective to just write a few words and stick a “Buy Now” button on a webpage. People really need to be convinced that you’re worth their time and money. If you’re concerned about your sales conversions, you know this is not easily done…

Here are some ways to ensure your appeal is structured to get more site visitors a) interested in at least contacting you, and b) more likely to complete a sale:

  • Feel Their Pain ~ Headlines and opening statements should reflect an understanding of your target customer’s challenge or desire. In most cases, people seek to solve a problem or fulfill a need. Go deep and convey how intensely you understand their challenge or pain. Also relate it to the progress, pride or relief they can soon feel — thanks to your product or service.
  • Provoke Thought by Asking Questions ~ Do you realize how powerful a question can be in sales copy? What questions are you currently asking your site’s visitors? … The right questions get them thinking about what they need and why. You can then explain exactly how your products / services meet those needs. Question asking as part of your set-up allows a great connection to be established.
  • Tell an Engaging Story ~ One reason that long sales letters are often used in business writing is because they offer copywriters ample time to tell a good, related story or anecdote. Storytelling is effective for  marketers, as it does a couple of things well. Stories in sales copy:
    • Illustrate your deep understanding of what a potential customer is currently challenged with,
    • Showcase how great a solution your product / service has been for others, and
    • Position you as an authority, a problem-solver — a great go-to.
  • Address Potential Objections ~ Woven into the hardest hitting sales copy is messaging that erases all potential doubt about a product / service. Try compiling a list of reasons why a potential customer might not purchase with you. The list might include everything from a fuzzy shipping and payment policy to lackluster product descriptions or “About” page, and beyond. A copywriting service will take the time to nail the information on each webpage. This removes the hidden sales barriers you (or your Web designer) may not realize are standing in the way.
  • Offer Proof or Evidence ~ Testimonials, case studies, portfolio samples and the like are essentials on a website. They help persuade potential customers that you’re qualified to do business with, and also distinguish you from your competitors. Where possible, liven these up! Work with a copywriter to create marketing components such as a video featuring past client testimonials, a hot-products slide show, a PDF sales piece they can download and save, and more.
  • Ensure Webpages are Optimized for Search Engines ~ Once all of the above is done for human readers, webpages must be tweaked to ensure the search engines can find and respect them. Failure to do this guarantees a website will receive very little traffic, prospects, and sales. Check here for Copywriting Tips that attract search engine discovery.

Is There a Copywriting Champ In YOUR Corner?

The online marketing world is filled with beautiful but lonely websites… websites lacking the words search engines need to see to deliver more potential customers… websites with sales copy that fails to convince visitors to take action.

If you’re new to online marketing – or want to improve sales conversions on a site you’ve had a while – keep in mind the crucial job your sales copy must do. If at all possible, find both a copywriting service and a Web designer to help make your site The Champ in your niche.

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