28 May

How Many Hats Must an Ebook Writer Wear? We Counted Them…

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ebook writerSooo . . . You have a book idea, but aren’t sure whether to write it yourself versus hire an ebook writer. Does writing come easy for you? Do you have time to get to The End — and then go back and tighten-up the manuscript?

If you’re too busy to consistently focus on ebook writing, or don’t feel confident about your skills, it’s easy to get help. It’s an option many aspiring authors have chosen . . .

Ebook publishing is the dream of many and can be lucrative. But there’s a lot to learn and do to make it all happen. You will need help. The question is:

Do you need support now, a skilled ebook writer to complete your ebook?

Or can you go it alone until you need help with ebook marketing?

Here are some insights that may help you decide . . .

What Every Ebook Writer Must Learn About

This New Relationship? It’s Complicated! Like a social media status, putting a label on your relationship with the ebook industry “is complicated.” This exciting field goes by many monikers — electronic publishing, e-book publishing, e-publishing, and digital publishing to name a few.

Note: The term “digital publishing” actually encompasses all forms of publishing on the Web or via a mobile device. It involves distributing and marketing books, magazines, and newspapers. It also includes content marketing via blogging and mobile apps. Again, ebook publishing really is but one aspect of digital publishing, although many think it’s the same.

Can You Make Money Selling E-books? Ebooks, by far, represent the biggest and most ubiquitous digital publishing opportunity. It would be nice to mention here a huge ebook sales figure. But the truth is, this category of e-commerce is so enormous, any figure anyone publishes is very likely a gross under-report.

Here’s how the situation was summed up in a CBSNews.com article, titled “Guess What, No One Knows How Big the E-book Business Is.” Read this and you’ll realize that ebooks are selling like hotcakes. Here’s hoping one of the next big-sellers is YOURS!

Write an Ebook, How to Write an E-book, Ebook Writing Tips

Which Ebook Format Will You Choose? When you write an ebook, you have to decide which format you need the finished product in. That’s because not all devices can read all ebooks.

E-publishing requires you to know about the ebook format(s) your targeted ebook store will accept. The most popular formats:

  • Adobe PDF file (readable on all computers and tablets)
  • EPUB (Apple iBooks, Nook, Stanza)
  • Mobi (Amazon Kindle)

The way this typically works . . . Your manuscript is most likely created as a Microsoft Word document. You may then have to pay for the manuscript to be professionally converted to the EPUB or Mobi ebook format.

Saving the work as a PDF file is less of a hassle. (Note: PDFs aren’t accepted by the mega e-publishing sites.) A PDF ebook is awesome, though, for selling from your own website and countless other sites.

For sharp insights into going this route, read “Should You Sell Your Ebook on Amazon or Your Blog?” at JeffBullas.com

Where to Sell Your Ebook? No one needs a traditional publisher these days to get a book out. The Internet has turned the bookselling world upside down — to the benefit of every aspiring author.

You can self-publish your work at some of the big digital bookstores. These help readers discover and purchase your ebook. They generally subtract a percentage fee from each ebook sold.

The biggies offering ebook writers & authors the broadest book exposure and marketing tools:

What Does Ebook Marketing Entail? Once your ebook is written, formatted properly, and for sale in an ebook store, roll-up your sleeves for the job of marketing it. Effective book marketing requires the greatest commitment of all.

The most successful at it promote their ebook both online and offline. To really get the word out, implement as many marketing tactics as you can. For ways to promote it online, check out 14 Artful Internet Marketing Tactics.

Should You Hire a Ghost Writer?

Hire a Ghost Writer, Ghostwriters, What do ghost writers chargeJust about anyone can become a self-published author today. Affording it isn’t the obstacle it once was; having the time and skill to complete a manuscript is the challenge most people have.

That, and feeling overwhelmed by the writing process… creating an outline… researching the topic… typing your thoughts chapter after chapter… revising and editing your manuscript… proofreading and perfecting the work. Lots of great book ideas get lost…

This is why good ghost writers are in such great demand. Most or all of the above can be handled for you. You simply convey your book idea to the writer and review / approve their progress.

You’d be surprised by the different types who experience a breakthrough, who decide to hire a ghost writer. Happy to remain anonymous, ghost writers are tapped by large companies and solo entrepreneurs… Small business owners and consultants… Work-at-home moms and, yes, politicians and celebrities, too.

What Does a Good Ebook Writer Charge?

Writers’ rates vary widely, depending on skill level. But as an example, if you want a non-fiction ebook and your desired page-count is on the low end, you can hire a writer for as little as $400.

Of course, most quality ebooks have a high page-count and require a highly skilled writer. It can cost at least a couple thousand dollars to have a top ghost writer pen your romance novel, memoirs, or high-caliber business book.

But there are plenty of great writers whose fees fall somewhere in the middle. Find one whose ebook writing samples you like. Inquire about pricing for your particular book idea. You can find a good ghost writer for a reasonable price.

Finding the Right Writing Help

Have you actually started writing a book, but need help getting to the finish line? When you connect with the right writer, you’ll have one who cares about your project as much as you do!

It’s usually a fun, collaborative situation — one where you do very little of the hard work, but reap all the rewards as author.

If any part of the process is taking you longer than expected, there are easy ways to move your venture to the next level. Not only are there professional ebook writers, you also can hire an ebook formatting service, a cover designer, and a book marketing consultant, too.

An Audience Awaits Your Words & Wisdom

“Hats off” to you for coming a step closer to making your self-publishing dream a reality. But is there still an irksome question or issue in your way? We’d really like to know. Won’t you share your thoughts in a comment?

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