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11 Free Twitter Tools That Supercharge Internet Marketing

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Free Twitter Tools Internet Marketing

Twitter is essential to an Internet marketing strategy. Any doubt about the power of this social media service should have vanished when hackers used Twitter to cause the Dow to drop a whopping 1 percent.

The brief stock market crash came after a hack of the Associated Press’s Twitter account. They tweeted that there had been explosions at the White House and that Obama had been injured.

While the hackers’ motives differed greatly from Internet marketers, they succeeded in demonstrating Twitter’s power and reach. Those engaged in Web marketing simply cannot afford to ignore it. You just need a great set of Twitter tools to cause an Internet marketing quake surrounding your business.

Free Twitter Tools @SmartMarketing

Many small businesses and entrepreneurs have found in Twitter their most effective marketing tactic. Some swear it’s better than any SEO method, software, or other media form.

Twitter has a powerful search box, which can be used to find business prospects to follow by category or city. Plus, you can post pictures and upload video, making it an even stronger Internet marketing tool.

Managing Twitter Friends with Benefits

However, finding and keeping Twitter followers can be a challenge. Being successful on Twitter demands you have a great profile, an effective marketing strategy, and lots of time to invest.

This is a burden for many small business marketers, as you’re likely already tied up with blog management and other promotional efforts.

The good news is there are plenty of great, free Twitter tools that can make the job easier. Do yourself a favor and check out some of the them:

1.   Buffer

Free Twitter Tool - Buffer

  • Schedule your tweets with Buffer. This free Twitter tool allows those in  Internet marketing seem like they’re very active on Twitter without having to devote a lot of time. Instead of tweeting multiple times throughout the day, just post it to Buffer all at once. Your tweets will go out according to the schedule you set.
  • Free users are only allowed to Buffer 10 posts or tweets at a time, but you can increase this number simply by referring others to the service.

2.   Just Tweet It

  • Being listed in Just Tweet It, a Twitter user directory, can get you more followers. Choose a Directory Category and list your name, or look for more Twitter users to follow. What’s nice is that you can create a profile in several categories related to your business (or other interests).
  • Just Tweet It also has a wealth of resources, tips and articles. There’s even a Twitter Tool Directory on the site, where users can discover new Twitter tools or submit one they’ve created.

3.   SocialBro

  • SocialBro provides a wide range of helpful tools for Internet marketing via Twitter. You can search the database to find people to follow in your target audience — and much more.
  • SocialBro gives users the advantage of understanding more about many levels of your Twitter activity. Discover the best time to tweet, analyze your competition, and even review analytics to build stronger relationships with your Twitter followers. Free users can analyze up to four Twitter accounts.

4.   Tweepi

Tweepi - 12 Twitter Tools

  • Tweepi is a simple and easy platform that allows you to unfollow inactive users, add new followers, and follow back those who’re following you. This is important for maintaining the quality and power of your Twitter account.
  • Use Tweepi to organize your followers according to their tweets, last tweet, and Klout score. All of this information is presented in an easy-to-read format, making Tweepi one of the best free Twitter tools for Internet marketing.

5.  Wefollow

  • Wefollow makes it easy for users to find the influencers in any given field. Organized by interest category, Wefollow shows an integrated profile of its users. You can easily see a person’s Twitter handle plus other major social media platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.
  • Locate the members of your target market much faster. Adding yourself to the Wefollow directory also makes it easier for people to find you on different social media services you’ve joined. It’s a great tool for those who want to network through social media.

6.   Twitscoop

  • Twitscoop allows users to monitor Twitter in real time without having to reload the page. This make the process less time-consuming and hassle free.
  • Stay on top of industry news and, most importantly, monitor your online reputation. With Twitscoop, you never have to miss an important tweet. It helps you respond to questions and comments about your products or services at an impressive speed.

7.   Nearby Tweets

Best Twitter Tools - Nearby Tweets

  • Those who know the power of local Internet marketing love the way Nearby Tweets allows them to quickly find tweets by Twitter users in their area. You get to see all of the Twitter activity around you, as it’s shown on a Google map.
  • Learn what local markets are interested in, find new local people to follow, and stay current with the latest local news. Nearby Tweets is an essential free Twitter tool, particularly for those engaged in local Internet marketing.

8.   Tweet Beep

  • No need to always stay on Twitter, thanks to Tweet Beep. Now you can receive Twitter alerts by email and always know who’s talking about you without having to log on.
  • Tweet Beep Alerts are sent out hourly, reporting the tweets containing the keywords you choose to monitor. The keywords can be your own name, your company name, or niche-specific words and phrases.

9.   Twibs

  • Twibs is a business directory containing companies on Twitter. There are more than 45,000 business listed on the site, and thousands of topics to get listed in.
  • Join Twibs for free and make it easier for potential customers to find and follow you. Users can search for businesses by category, location, or keyword.

10.  Twiends

Twiends - Twitter Tool for More Followers

  • Twiends is a free Twitter directory with over 3 million users. You can get found in the Twiends directory by category or keywords. If you’re looking to increase your number of Twitter followers, you can do so easily with Twiends. This is precisely what Twiends was created to do — and it works!
  • You’re rewarded with “seeds” for following people who interest you on Twitter. You can also turbocharge your following by buying “seeds” to award those who follow you.

11.  TweetDeck

  • TweetDeck is an app made by Twitter to help users better manage their accounts. It offers several tools including: tweet scheduling, monitoring and management for unlimited accounts, notification alerts, word filters, and feed organizing.
  • Available as a desktop app, a web app or a Chrome app, TweetDeck is a real workhorse as a free Twitter tool. You can set up your dashboard to view any combination of 13 ways to monitor Twitter. For example: create a column showing real-time tweets by those you follow; another column showing when your tweets are retweeted; and other columns to track when people use your keywords.

What’s Your Free Twitter Tool of Choice?

With the enormous popularity and impact this social media platform has, it’s essential to have a business presence on Twitter. We’ve just reviewed 11 tools that are designed to give your brand a boost on Twitter, or at least optimize your time growing a presence.

But there are several other free Twitter tools — plus quite a few premium Twitter services — that prove valuable to Internet marketers. What’s your free Twitter tool of choice? Let us know in the comments!

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