17 May

RebelMouse: A Social Marketing Site Review

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Familiar with RebelMouse, the social media service? RebelMouse provides users a free and beautiful way to aggregate all their social network updates. It shows a Pinterest-style snapshot of everything you’ve shared on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google Plus, and beyond…

RebelMouse shows what you care about by automatically updating when you share on other sites. Here’s a RebelMouse marketing content site, so you’ll know how it looks.

RebelMouse Web Marketing Services

That’s a screenshot of my RebelMouse page. I use it to share — all in one place — favorite updates I originally posted on my Facebook Page, Pinterest copywriting board, and Google Plus.

Benefits of Using RebelMouse

  • Shows Your Favorite Content from Around the Web — People who appreciate Web marketing tips I share on one social site can now see more of the same, which I’d posted on a site where we’ve not yet connected. You can also create original content on your Rebel page.
  • Use RebelMouse as Your Blog — There’s no reason this visually engaging social media site can’t serve as your blog. With any post you choose, you can write as much (or as little) as you like. You can also pay to make this your own dot-com, rather than keeping the RebelMouse brand name as part of the URL.
  • Subscribe via Email – RebelMouse visitors who really like your content can sign-up for updates via email. This makes it hassle-free for those following you to catch your latest news items. Any updates you’ve made go to your subscribers’ in-bins once a day.
  • Embed RebelMouse On Your Website — There are three ways to do this. Some make RebelMouse a dominant part of their Home page. You can also make it one of your Web pages, easy to get to with a click on your menu bar. Or you can embed RebelMouse as a widget in your sidebar.
  • Customize Layout and Feeds — You won’t have total styling freedom without upgrading to the premium level. However, the free version of RebelMouse offers decent customization options. Natively, you can tweak the layout and type style, and control which posts from other sites you want to show. You also can customize the background image.
  • Strong Backlinks for Your Website — RebelMouse has a healthy Google Page Rank of 6 (out of 10). That means any content you published on your main website should derive an SEO benefit once you place a link leading to it from RebelMouse.

4 Diverse RebelMouse Social Streams

Many leading news organizations and others are using this newish social media service. To view examples of various marketers curating content on RebelMouse, take a quick look at these:

Producer Tools — Online tools for building, managing and embedding digital content on Web spaces.

Brighton Fashion Week — The U.K.-based international platform showcases emerging fashion designers.

Repso Marketing –  The automotive digital marketing company focuses on content that empowers dealerships to connect with their customers.

Dieter Schwarz — Curates news and articles on Web branding, content marketing, storytelling, and social business.

Wish List

There are two things I find curious about RebelMouse — things I hope they’ll address.

1.  There’s no way to search on the site for topics you care about. This makes it tough for people to stumble across your Rebel page.

  • To get found on-site, you have to pay. Only then will you get visibility, as your avatar will start showing up in everyone else’s sidebar.
  • If you stay with the free service version, you’ll need to put some effort into creating awareness about your RebelMouse site on Pinterest, Google Plus, Twitter, your blog, and elsewhere. Everyone seems busy building their email subscriber base off-site this way.

2.  There’s no way to “collect and store” on the site the Rebel members’ pages you like. You either have to subscribe via email, or just remember the URL.

Rebel Yell… or Just a Squeak?

RebelMouse makes sure that all members know they’re still beefing-up the site. In fact, in the week that I’ve had my page active, I noticed at least one nice site improvement.

But so far, so good. RebelMouse is an impressive player in the social media marketing space. It’s interesting to watch it grow and gain so much popularity. Users love it. I hope that’s because it’s benefiting their business.

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