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7 Ways a Blog Writer Can Light Your Fire

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Blog Writer Content IdeasIf you lack the time to create quality Web content, you’re probably considering hiring a blog writer. Or, you may be looking for a writer not because you’re in a time crunch, but because you’re out of content ideas. Either way, you want to connect with an online writer who can ignite your Web pages. You want fresh content for your website. So how sizzling-hot can your Web marketing material really be?

Hot Content Ideas for Blog Writers

Usually where there’s smoke, there’s fire. It’s not true in every case, but many blog writers today offer services far beyond blogging. It’s an important question Web marketers may want to ask… Not every writer can go one further and turn out your project in fresh, on-trend formats.

So, try to get a sense of how many different formats a blog writer is versed in.

When you find a multi-faceted writer, here are a variety of ways to tap into that hot, high-energy talent. If you do, the content surrounding your website will become more distinctive. It’ll help you better compete in the marketplace.

1. Blog Posts Batch

First things first:  What most Web publishers seem to seek help with the most is creation of fresh blog content. If nothing else, align with a creative blog writer, one who can strategize winning content ideas.

Content Idea:  One of the best ways a Web writer comes up with content ideas is simply by doing some niche or industry surfing. Some great places online to find inspiration:  Pinterest, Scoop.it, Quora, Google Keyword Tool,  Yahoo! Answers, and blog comments.

2. Tutorials and How-to Guides

Report WriterAmong the many content ideas, this one’s most popular. An eight- or 12-page free report or whitepaper for your Web business can impact your brand persona and conversions. Look for a Web writer who can also make your report visually engaging.

Content Tip:  One of the most important things your writer can do? Finish your PDF report so that it’s set to be discoverable on search engines. This simply requires saving a version of the Word document with the “Properties” filled out with your keywords. Somehow, a lot of writers seem to skip this SEO-friendly step.

3. Q&A Interviews

Consider a content series offering business insights from your best customers, or influencers with whom you’d like to develop a business relationship. Have your blog writer conduct the actual interview(s). The resulting articles become indirect B2B testimonials.

Content Idea:  Other than asking great questions during an interview, a blog writer can be helpful in other ways. He or she can help determine which influencers to approach. One interesting way to do this? Do a Google search for the “top 20 (fill-in your niche or topic).” The top entries will reveal who’s who, providing you a list of heavy-hitters with whom to start.

4. e-Newsletter Content

Newsletter WriterTry to partner with a blog writer who can think like a newspaper editor. It’s this kind of thinking that can make an e-newsletter a real sizzler, filled with the kind of engaging content readers love. Work with your writer to include fresh content such as an e-course, infographics, testimonials, industry and company news, special offers, case studies, and of course blog post excerpts.

Content Tip:  New to e-newsletter publishing? If so, get a great start very economically using this free WordPress plugin: Wysija Newsletters.

5. FAQ

A Web page of Frequently Asked Questions can trigger an SEO traffic boon, if filled with good keywords. FAQ pages can be angled in a number of ways. For example, it can pertain to your products or services, or it can revolve around best practices in your industry.

Content Tip:  Once you decide an angle and scope for your FAQ, it’s often best to have your writer interview you by phone. This is the best way to get a feel for your policies, priorities and philosophies. Once articulated by your writer, all of these will help prospects understand how your company works.

6. Glossary

You can even ask your blog writer about creating a glossary defining your industry’s terms and popular jargon. Not only are glossaries helpful and engaging for users, they’re a smart way to further optimize your targeted keywords.

Content Tip:  If you’re using WordPress for content management, here’s a fairly new plugin for creating a Glossary page on your site:  CM Super Tooltip Glossary. When a user rolls-over an industry term, a gray “tooltip” box pops up to reveal what you’ve typed as its definition.

Content Ideas

The premium version of the CM Super Tooltip Glossary plugin even allows you to insert a video as part of your pop-up answer.

7. PowerPoint Slideshows

Some blog writers also offer PowerPoint slideshow services. Theme your PPT slideshow to share your business insights, to help others learn what you know.

Content Idea:  One of the best content ideas for a slideshow is to re-purpose as blog post you previously published. Once it’s tight, upload your slideshow to SlideShare, where it can receive lots of views and be found on Google Search.

Also ask your blog writer about turning the PPT slideshow into a video. This can be done using a free software program such as Microsoft Movie Maker. This makes it easy to create video content for YouTube and other sites.

Blog Writers and Content Marketing

You may have noticed that many of these ideas actually fall in the category of Content Marketing. That’s for a couple of reasons…

  • According to Google, far more Web publishers search for a “blog writer” than they do a “content writer.”
  • There seems to be a bit of confusion about what “Web content” truly is. (Technically, any information that isn’t directly selling is content.)
  • And we all seem so focused on getting new blog content, that we’re often missing opportunities to step out-of-the-box. That’s where all of the other types of content come in…
  • But the same can be said about many online writers:  Not every blog writer has been interested in learning how to create a variety of content types.

What this means:  When searching for an online writer, try to settle on one who’s versatile. You may be literally performing a Google search for a blog writer. But the best blog writers today are those who can fire-up that same content across a broad spectrum of platforms and softwares.

They’re increasingly called content creators. Now, how hot is that?!


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