11 May

Web Marketing Store: Open for Business

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Marketing Consulting Content WriterWelcome to the Web-Marketing-Store.com. If you’re involved in Internet marketing in any way, we’d like to be your one-stop source for fresh marketing material and strategic support. So, grab your To-do List. Browse around and discover the quality, custom services we have in store…

Everyone running a business or grooming a career needs an awesome presence online. If you find it too time-consuming to keep attracting and engaging new customers or clients, we’ll serve as your virtual marketing team.

How, exactly, can we help you? Well, here’s a taste of our marketing solutions and services…

Marketing Consulting & Planning

Ever feel you could benefit from having a marketing coach or strategic adviser? Someone who knows the Internet marketing ropes… an affordable expert who’ll spend time brainstorming or identifying ways to refine your marketing?

As Founder and Strategic Director of the Web Marketing Store, I (Vicki Wright) am available for this and more. As your marketing consultant, I can wear many hats. Here are the three consulting services that clients find the most helpful:

1. Phone Consultations

If you have a new website, or one that’s still not attracting sufficient leads and sales, this is a great first-step for us. After spending some time on your website, I’m able to listen to your vision and challenges — and identify where there may be a disconnect.

In this one-on-one, I ideate creative and strategic ways to resolve the marketing challenges you raise. I make suggestions ranging from best practices you might try to resources and new approaches you may find helpful.

Cost: $125 per 45-minute session

2. Strategic Website Analysis

Here, I dig deep for you.  I go through your website with a fine-tooth comb, thoroughly analyzing one Web page at a time. The primary focus is on your messaging and new ways to persuade more visitors to take action on your site. If I find any typos or confusing language, this is noted.

I put all of my recommendations and comments in a multi-page report. The report stands as an awesome Action Plan. It will reveal many ways to shore-up each Web page plus my impression of using your site overall. This includes site navigation and areas where your sales copy needs to hit harder, be more clear, explain more — or less — and so on.

Cost: $300 to analyze five Web pages (e.g., Home page, About page, 3 Service pages)

3. Keyword Research & Content Planning

Choosing the best keywords for your website is everything. Many marketer-publishers assume the most popularly searched phrases are the ones to write into content the most. But don’t believe that! Usually, the bigger and older sites hold dominant search engine positions for those keywords. I’ll help you work around them…

I do keyword research to identify the most strategic 25 key phrases for your products or services. I put them in a report, giving you details on why I recommend you focus your Web content and copywriting on this specific set of key phrases. The report also includes blog or article titles that you (or your content writer) could use, incorporating the recommended keywords.

Cost: $250 for a 25-keyword report plus matching SEO blog / article titles.

Note: Having us write some or all of the articles requires an additional — but discounted — fee.

Our Other Web Marketing Services

But wait — there’s more! Supported by a small team of killer content writers, the Web Marketing Store also offers these services:

  • Online Reputation Management
  • Sales Copywriting
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Blog & Content Writing
  • Ebook Writing & Marketing

For more information, check our Marketing Services overview. Or email me any questions you have.

Lastly, would you like to  subscribe to this blog? I aim to serve you helpful, insightful, and motivational content every week. Here’s to your success online!

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