25 May

Your Web Traffic vs. Google Penguin 2.0

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More Website TrafficGoogle Penguin 2.0 arrived on May 22, grinding search engine observers to a sort of halt. This latest algorithm update already is impacting how much Web traffic a site can attract from the search engine. Webmasters and Web marketing strategists are a-buzz about it… plotting new ways to protect their clients’ content assets — their Internet investments. Here’s the direction the SEO-savvy crowd is taking…

Penguin 2.0 Safety Tips

Matt Cutts, Google’s head of Web spam — posted this video a few weeks before unleashing Penguin 2.0. He underscores the importance of making a high-quality site that users love and return to.

That, of course, is the grand answer to ensuring your webpages continue to be discoverable. But underlying that? A host of search engine marketing (SEM) do’s — and some don’ts worth paying more attention to now…

  • Subject Matter Authority — Work harder to write blog articles that help your target audience. Provide site visitors more useful, high-value content such as how-to’s, insider tips, videos, podcasts, and whitepapers. Not only does this build trust for your brand, it also attracts a stronger following on social networks.
  • Original Content Rules — Google’s algorithm can detect how original your text-based content is.  That which is regurgitated from another site gets sunk in the search engines. An ongoing stream of fresh search engine-optimized articles — the longer, the better — are ranked higher on the search engine results pages.
  • Diversify with a Smart Linking Strategy — As smart as Google’s algorithm is, it just isn’t perfect. There are websites that have just lost search engine position because some of their backlinks “look” spammy — even if they weren’t. Increasingly, we have to think twice about where we’re linking content from. Be wary of using link-spamming tactics.
  • Commit to Social Media Marketing — Social media plays a more crucial role in search engine marketing than ever. Invest more time and resources in beefing-up your site’s social signals. This increasingly informs Google about your influence — and whether its users are likely to value your webpages.

Infographic: Penguin 2.0 Best Practices

If you’d like to learn more about Google’s latest algorithm update, here’s an excellent infographic worth taking in. Created by Brafton, this provides a quick, at-a-glance set of guidelines and best practices to prevent your website from being sabotaged by a colony of persnickety penguins!

Google Penguin Web Traffic

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Web Traffic Question…

Has Google Penguin 2.0 hurt or helped your Web traffic? If so, leave a comment about how you plan to resolve it.

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