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11 May

Backlink Tips: The 20 Crown Jewels of SEO

Backlink Tips, Safe Backlinks, Backlinking Strategies

Backlink Tips SEO StrategiesEvery Web marketer knows: Implementing good backlink tips is essential. This helps build a healthy link profile for your website or blog, making it more easily found on Google and other search engines. Here’s an UPDATED list of 20 ways you can search engine-optimize (SEO) your site by implementing a few backlinking strategies… Read More

03 Jul

11 Free Twitter Tools That Supercharge Internet Marketing

Free Twitter Tools Internet Marketing

Free Twitter Tools Internet Marketing

Twitter is essential to an Internet marketing strategy. Any doubt about the power of this social media service should have vanished when hackers used Twitter to cause the Dow to drop a whopping 1 percent.

The brief stock market crash came after a hack of the Associated Press’s Twitter account. They tweeted that there had been explosions at the White House and that Obama had been injured.

While the hackers’ motives differed greatly from Internet marketers, they succeeded in demonstrating Twitter’s power and reach. Those engaged in Web marketing simply cannot afford to ignore it. You just need a great set of Twitter tools to cause an Internet marketing quake surrounding your business. Read More

25 May

Your Web Traffic vs. Google Penguin 2.0

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More Website TrafficGoogle Penguin 2.0 arrived on May 22, grinding search engine observers to a sort of halt. This latest algorithm update already is impacting how much Web traffic a site can attract from the search engine. Webmasters and Web marketing strategists are a-buzz about it… plotting new ways to protect their clients’ content assets — their Internet investments. Here’s the direction the SEO-savvy crowd is taking… Read More