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Web Marketing Services The Web Marketing Store offers several Web marketing services — all of which focus on helping small business marketers and entrepreneurs achieve their objectives and reach sales goals.  We’re a leading online source for professional Copywriting, Content Writing, and Marketing Consulting.

Regardless of your industry or niche, we can help. With over a decade of online marketing experience, developing corporate and small business marketing material, our solutions include:

Our Web Marketing Services

The Web Marketing Store is a small but dynamic consultancy comprised of seasoned Internet Marketing talent. We bring extensive experience to promoting brands, businesses and organizations — online and offline — via the following six practice areas:

1. Marketing Consulting & Planning

It takes time and lots of learning to grow Web results. We offer Marketing Consultant Services for those at the new or intermediate-level of doing business online. We flatten your learning curve — and also help you take measurable steps forward.

We devote quality time to understanding your business vision and challenges. After that, we craft a strategic plan for you, recommending a set of actionable steps you can hire us to implement or execute on your own.

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2. SEO Copywriting

With copywriting, the goal is to persuade the targeted audience to take action, toward realizing a sale or other favorable step. But barriers abound to converting site visitors to a sale. Presenting them uninspiring or unclear sales copy is the greatest of all hurdles.

If your online sales aren’t as vigorous as you’d like, it may be time to hire a copywriter. If you’re relying on the search engines to send you traffic, we’re SEO copywriters you should know! We’re pros at writing website copy, e-commerce product copy, brochure copy, pay-per-click ad copy and more.

3. Social Media Marketing

A vibrant, relevant social media presence is essential for today’s businesses. Whether you’re operating on a B-2-B or B-2-C basis, potential and existing clients expect thought leadership and social engagement from you.

Connecting with them via social sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ is a great way to create preference for your products or services — and stay top-of-mind. But as beneficial as this is for lead generation, it also is time- consuming — and at times, confusing. That’s why we offer three Social Media Packages to choose from.

4. Blog Content Writing

Blogging for business is a terrific way to attract your target audience to your site. Yet, it’s the most labor-intensive of all Web marketing tactics. The more words in each blog post, the better the chance of being found and valued. And the more frequently your blog is updated, the more traffic it will pull to support sales…

But how many hours per week can you devote to researching, writing and posting quality blog content? If you’re challenged with finding the time to keep it up, let us help. Highly-skilled, professional writers, we deliver the goods on any topic you need!

5. Ebook Writing & Marketing

Would you like someone to take the reigns in creating an awesome ebook? Or do you want help marketing an ebook you already have? Either way, you’ve come to the right place!

We’re top-notch when it comes to researching, writing, designing and formatting ebooks. And you won’t find a provider more dedicated to ensuring you generate downloads.

6. Online Reputation Management

A single bad review or customer complaint that appears online about your business takes a toll. Specifically, negative feedback about doing business with you can cost you a shocking amount of lost sales.

We can make it better for you. We’ll devise and mount an Online Reputation Management effort to help bring back your shine! There are ways of dealing with damaging feedback. If you suspect something like this is plaguing you — making your sales and conversions sluggish — we’ll help you turn the tide.

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