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GhostwritersLooking for a ghostwriter? One with the talent to nail your story — make it a seamless and engaging read? Well, consider your search over!

You’ve landed in the webspace of a seasoned fiction and non-fiction writer:

  • I help aspiring authors complete agent-ready literary manuscripts.
  • I also work with those seeking a writer for a how-to ebook to sell in digital bookstores.

Best of all, as a ghostwriter, I remain completely anonymous. I seek no credit at all. My only interest is getting that book idea out of your head. I enjoy developing — and perfectly polishing — manuscripts and ebooks.

And I enjoy collaborating with book visionaries. Your idea is sure to excite me!

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1. Literary Manuscript Ghostwriting

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t written a word yet. Maybe you’re carrying around an incredible book idea, but need a professional writer to get it well thought-out and on paper.

Or, if you’ve worked on your manuscript, but need help getting to The End, I’m here to assist. I provide book writing support at every level. I’ve helped make stories more cohesive; I’m experienced as a book editor; and I’ve “gone deep” with aspiring authors to get partially written works to the finish line.

Fiction & Non-Fiction Writing Services

I’ve successfully ghostwritten both fiction and non-fiction manuscripts:

  • In the fiction genre, I’ve written memoirs, suspense, and romance novels.
  • In non-fiction, the team and I have ghostwritten topics ranging from business startup and natural health cures to sexual pleasure secrets, boosting business creativity, and beyond.
  • Photography Ebook Ghostwriter Photography Ebook Ghostwriter
  • Business Ebook Writer Business Ebook Writer
  • Weight-loss Ebook Writer Weight-loss Ebook Writer
  • Business Report Writer Business Report Writer
  • Health Ebook Writer Health Ebook Writer
  • Sex Ebook Writer Sex Ebook Writer
  • Dating Ebook Writer Dating Ebook Writer
  • Beauty Ebook Writer Beauty Ebook Writer
  • Business Ebook Ghostwriter Business Ebook Ghostwriter Ebook Ghostwriter
  • Business Ebook Ghostwriter Business Ebook Ghostwriter
  • Dating Relationships Writers Dating Relationships Writers
  • Natural Health Ebook Writer Natural Health Ebook Writer
  • Business Tips for Women Business Tips for Women

Would love to hear about your book idea. Contact me here to discuss: my Ghost Writer.

2. How-to Ebook Ghostwriting

Want to publish an e-book, but don’t have time or skill to do it all yourself? We’re ebook writers who handle every aspect of bringing your work to life. We’ll get you set to start selling your how-to ebook online and via mobile devices.

Long or short, the length is up to you. We create short, snappy e-books or lengthier step-by-step guides.

A One-stop Ebook Service, We’ll . . .

  • Do the research…
  • Write your custom ebook content…
  • Handle up to two revisions…
  • Provide photos, screen shots, and other images…
  • Apply attractive page design and layout touches…
  • Design your front cover…
  • Finalize your how-to manuscript both as a Word document and PDF ready to sell!

Most importantly, the material will be owned exclusively by YOU. Note: Some clients like the exposure, but upon request, we won’t include your e-book in our Portfolio.

Ebook Service Extras

Our e-book writing service guarantees you professionally written content. But we’re not just ghostwriters:  We can handle EVERYTHING necessary to make your e-book publishing vision a reality.

For an additional fee, we will:

  • Create your content outline, if you don’t have one to give us,
  • Choose only premium royalty-free images for your ebook,
  • Format your ebook for the Apple iBookstore or Amazon Kindle Store.

Ready to Connect With a Ghostwriter?

Can’t wait to hear your book idea! We’ve written some pretty colorful stuff — and love it. The only kind of project we wouldn’t accept would be one involving math or grad-level science. :)

If that’s not what your book’s about, stop reading and write us now. You’ve found a professional ghostwriter you’ll have a blast working with!

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